DMCPP: development of another dialog manager

An experimental dialog manager of Galatea for Linux, using lib-julius and OpenCV, written in C++, is under development. The project is focusing on the low-level multimodal event handling, while Galatea Dialog Studio is focusing on higher-level dialog management using VoiceXML. Although current version is just the skeleton of applications, I would like to ask for […]

Voice interface and effectiveness

One of my colleague made a presentation at Human-Agent-Interaction symposium in Tokyo yesterday. The assumption is that the human-like spoken dialogs are highly effective. Our proposal is to use the reinforcement-learning for acquiring the strategy how to respond quickly to overlapped utterances, interruptions, or gestures during spoken dialogs between human and machine. Although the research […]

Research on Spoken Dialogue Agent

The upcoming publications at Human Agent Interaction Symposium (HAI2009) are as follows: Masayuki Nakazawa, Takuya Nishimoto, Shigeki Sagayama: Title: Behavior Generation for Spoken Dialogue Agent by Dynamical Model Abstract: For the spoken dialog systems with the anthropomorphic agents, it is important to give the natural impressions and the real presence to human. For this purpose, […]

Galatea release announcement

Latest Galatea Toolkit (beta version) is released as follows: Please notice that current version is for Japanese conversations. I would like to discuss the plans for internationalization of this tools. The English documents are not fully checked. Please give me the comments and suggestions at galatea-i18n mailing list, which is hosted at P.S. […]

A multimodal interactive system based on hierarchical Model-View-Controller architecture

Multimodal interactive systems are expected to be used widely. To realize life-like agents or humanoid robots, flexible architecture for integrating software modules is necessary. Many frameworks are proposed. Joseph Polifroni, Stephanie Seneff. 2000. Galaxy-II as an Architecture for Spoken Dialogue Evaluation. Proceedings of Second International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation, pp.42-50. Yosuke Matsusaka, Kentaro […]

Japanese TTS for NVDA

Objectives Many of tools for the visually impaired to use a PC and the Web are commercial software at present. The following problems occur due to this. The financial problem. It is difficult to follow flexibly and rapidly for a change of needs and the OS environment of the user. The needs cannot be shared […]

Galatea English Technical Notes

English technical notes page of Galatea Linux is available: (continue from previous post) I have implemented a simple template engine for Java before experiencing Ruby on Rails, and have used template engines for PHP and Perl. However, the installation may be troublesome, and it was dissatisfaction to have to use engine-dependent description languages. Ruby […]

Galatea English Tutorial

New English tutorial page of Galatea Linux is available: English version of Release Notes page was also created: We were concerned with a project of voice interaction toolkit “Galatea,” and we were concerned with standardization of multi-modal talks description / the architecture, and we thought about implementation of the VoiceXML application by Ruby […]