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New English tutorial page of Galatea Linux is available:

English version of Release Notes page was also created:

We were concerned with a project of voice interaction toolkit “Galatea,” and we were concerned with standardization of multi-modal talks description / the architecture, and we thought about implementation of the VoiceXML application by Ruby on Rails. And it came to be thought that “the implementation of a hierarchized system became the hierarchy of the template engine.”

Many of frameworks of the Web application offer a template engine. There is the merit of standardizing the description in each in many hierarchies, but there is the demerit that a description becomes redundant. The template engine is one such expedient to solve a problem.

Interactive Speech Technology Consortium (ISTC) investigated the standardization of the interaction description specification in each hierarchy about an interface system having voice input output, a GUI input-output. We go into more details about a structure of so-called Model/View/Controller, and six classes are proposed.
Some hierarchies correspond to an MVC framework of Ruby on Rails when they think about dialog control engine called Galatea Dialog Studio which I continue developing.
It is a reasonable method to implement a voice interaction system as follows: At first so-called Web application is implemented. Only a layer depending on HTML is replaced with VoiceXML.

In the Linux version of Galatea Toolkit, a problem of the difficulty of installation and the setting was left. We succeeded in unifying each modules by original design. However, it is necessary to change many points without contradiction at present when customizing and device setting are necessary.

There are necessary parameters and setting information respectively to operate each hierarchy. It is not the interaction description itself. For example, it is necessary to give the information for language processing and the speaker models for the voice synthesis. There are many parameters including audio in, speech detection, the acoustic models for the speech recognition. These setting wants to be handled in Galatea Toolkit in a mass.
After all this seems to become “the hierarchy of the template.”

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