To test the MSAA-related features of Microsoft Japanese Input Method Editor MS-IME 2002 for Japanese version of Windows, I am working with pyAA.
This is a preliminary work for localization of NVDA for Japanese users.

I tried to adopt original pyAA to Python 2.6.x.
At first I obtained the source code (of simpler branch) from CVS repository, then I built it with Visual Studio 2008 and SWIG. I also modified the code so that the Value-property can be accessed correctly under multibyte charactor coding environments.

We are successfully proceeding the work with it at the moment.
At the previous meeting of NVDAjp project, we added some code to NVDA, and verified that the WinEvent of MS-IME 2002 can be captured and the Value property can be accessed using IAccessible interface.

Related pages in Japanese (not yet translated) : pyaa and nvdajp

Notes on Feb 27 : I created a github repository of pyaa.

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